The Native American Comeback

Are you desperate for money? Do you have bad credit? Are you on the verge of killing yourself because you’re so deep in debt? Don’t you worry; all your money problems will be over as soon as you trust in Western Sky Financial! We will loan you up to $10,000; especially if you’re a person with no credit, bad credit, or no proof of income. All you “poor folk” have to do is hand over your checking account information.  Sounds too good to be true and that’s because it is too good to be true, you idiot!

I’m sorry but I must be mistaken. I was under the impression that loan sharking is illegal. Oh wait, apparently it’s not when an Indian Reservation is governed by a sovereign nation; meaning they are NOT part of our country although they operate on American soil. A person borrowing $10,000 could end up paying as much as $30,000 to $40,000 which for most people will keep them in debt for the rest of their lives. Are we making an exception for Reservations since their land was taken and people were slaughtered 200 years ago or once again is a multinational corporation who makes money from predatory lending taking advantage of a loop hole?

I believe this situation is a way for Native Americans to receive reparation along with big businesses getting their beaks wet.  We allow them to gain over 100% profit on the poor, single mother that overlooks the fine print because she needs to pay her rent and put food on the table. How is this possible??  Western Sky expresses that THEIR loans are governed by THEIR laws. When we take out a loan, we follow their laws and the average American is not familiar with that. The advertisement may say owned by an individual tribe member but that doesn’t mean they are not backed by a predatory lending company.

If a reservation does not have to follow our rules then they shouldn’t be allowed to scam American citizens. The Cheyenne Sioux Reservation can go scam the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and stay away from the desperate schmucks trying to survive.

Oh well, just another sorry ass American that got scammed.

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2 thoughts on “The Native American Comeback

  1. This will solve my problem since I don’t own a deformed cat, and I don’t speak improper English. If only I could get the chance to get on the news!!!!

  2. I always seen the commercials for this. My brother and I laugh at the small print, thinking I can’t believe the interest rate. But I never knew they followed their own set of laws. You are so right when you say not many are aware of this because I was not! Another point you made by saying about maybe being backed by a company; really makes you think how things are not just black and white but complicated with secret agendas and loop holes.

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